About us

At Secful, our sole mission is to prevent the next API breach.

With next generation zero-day API attacks hitting the headlines, we diligently strive to help you protect yourself from these imminent threats.

The Secful team consists of engineers from elite intelligence units. Coming from a background in offensive cyber security, we think like attackers every step of the way when building our products.

We believe in products that simplify processes, and save you time, rather than introduce additional load. We believe in precise solutions. We are reimagining what API security should be.

With no other solution in the market today, Secful leads the way with innovative next generation API security. 

Omer Sadika,
CEO & Co-Founder

Roey Eliyahu,
CTO & Co-Founder

Michael Vilensky,
Team Lead

Yoel Eilat,
Product Director

Tomer Froumin

Ben Grossman

Ofir Agami

Maroun Maroun

Elad Weiss

Ben Tzanani

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