Don't get breached
through your APIs

Detect and prevent zero-day API attacks with the power of AI.
Deploys in minutes. No configuration required. Forever.

Secful prevents API breaches.
Simple as that.

Yes, there’s something called zero-day API attacks, and you’re completely blind to them.

Prevent the next API breach, and gain back your visibility and control.

Are any of your APIs internet facing?
Stop letting attackers in.

20 rd
Topmost threat ranked by CSA
Increase of API attacks over the last year
20 th
Topmost threat ranked by OWASP

What we do
explained in under 2 minutes

We get to know your APIs (webapp, mobile, IoT, etc.) better than the developers that wrote them without seeing any code.


Secful’s patented technology leverages the power of machine learning and big data to do everything rapidly and precisely.


Long before attackers find a way in, we detect malicious API calls and stop them.

And that's how we prevent
sophisticated zero-day API breaches.

Think you're secure?

Think again.

Where are all your APIs?

Assessing the risk and attack surface is impossible if you don’t know where your APIs are.

Is PII being sent over the air? Who is using your APIs and how?

You need visibility over your APIs.

The weakest link

The bitter truth is that despite SDLC training efforts, developers develop and deploy APIs with little security in mind, if at all.

As a result, the attack surface increases, leaving you with no visibility, no control, and a gaping hole.

Blindness to zero-day API attacks

It is extremely easy to miss zero-day API attacks, since the attacker leverages the application logic without using a known vulnerability.

Alarms aren’t tripped by traditional solutions (e.g. WAF, DAST, RASP, etc.), which are focused on traditional attack methods (e.g. Code injections, XSS or SQLi).

None of your existing security solutions are of any help, leaving you blind to API attacks.

It's only a matter of time

Zero-day API attacks are inherently sophisticated zero-day attacks that target the application logic.

Attackers fly under the radar and evade all existing security solutions.

Secful detects and prevents sophisticated zero-day API attacks.

Secful is the only next generation solution that detects and prevents zero-day API attacks

This is totally hidden from everything, through the responsive area

Could it really be that simple? Yes.

As we speak, attackers are flying undetected “under the radar”.

Only Secful can detect zero-day API attack attempts, because securing your APIs is our sole mission.

How do zero-day API attacks work?

Zero-day API attacks take time. Attackers have to understand your unique APIs and their unique flaws in order to leverage them.

Developers aren’t infallible. Their mistakes will cost you the next API breach.


Attack, fail, repeat... succeed

Game over

The attacker starts by learning your APIs, how they are supposed to be consumed, what data passes through, while thinking of devious ways to manipulate them.

The attacker begins to actively research your APIs for vulnerabilities through trial-and-error attempts, which your API is not anticipating. 

Understanding developers, the attacker knows the application logic can be an achilles’ heal. 

The attacker focuses on zero-day API attacks that target the application logic.

Armed with lots of patience, it eventually pays off.

Having done this for days, weeks or even months, without being caught, the attacker’s dedication finally pays off. A zero-day API vulnerability is found and heaps of private customer records are exposed.

The attack did not trip any alarms, since all existing traditional solutions are blind to zero-day API attacks that target the application logic.


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